Using the Web of Science platform: webinars for scientists in April

From April 7 to April 28, 2022, it is planned to hold a series of free Ukrainian-language webinars for scientists, which will be devoted to working with the Web of Science platform.

During the webinars, we will talk about the possibilities of using the tools available on the Web of Science platform, choosing publications for publishing research results, preparing articles for publication, etc.

The webinars will be hosted by Iryna Tihonkova, Clarivate Regional Solutions Consultant.

To take part in the events, you must register by clicking on the appropriate link.

Registered participants will be able to receive electronic certificates if they listen to at least 90% of the main time of the webinar. 

Webinars’ program: 

April 7, 2022

Theme: Predatory Publications: Recognize and Avoid.

The consequences of publishing in predatory publications are wasted time, depreciation of research results, financial damage and damage to the reputation of the scientist. During the webinar, the main types of predatory publications will be considered, what you should pay attention to when choosing publications for publishing research results, how to check the indexing of a publication in abstract, bibliographic databases (on the example of Web of Science).


April 12,2022

Theme: EndNote: registration of the bibliography of the article in accordance with the requirements of the journal.

We are talking about formats for designing lists of references for publication and reference managers, how to set up the work of the EndNote reference manager, how to create and fill a collection, how to add information about an article, install a special Cite While You Write™ plugin. 


14 квітня 2022 року

Theme: Author profiles of a scientist.

During the webinar, we are talking about the difficulties that arise when searching for works by a certain author, indicators used to evaluate the scientific heritage of a scientist, in particular in Web of Science (number of articles, citations, h-index (Worst index), beamplot), the use of such indicators when preparing reports on the publication activities of a scientist, department, institution. Functions and capabilities of Publons/ResearcherID, ORCID, ResearchGate, Google Scholar author identifiers are compared. 


26 квітня 2022 року

Theme: Research Smarter: Clarivate tools for positioning higher education in the GRAS ranking.

A new classification for the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) called Shanghai GRAS is now available in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. This classification takes into account Web of Science categories for 54 subjects according to the GRAS methodology. The webinar will discuss how Clarivate tools can be used to shape a university ranking strategy. 


April 28, 2022

Theme: Research Smarter: How to Use Clarivate Resources to Build Library Collections.

Library collection management is an ongoing but varied process. Join this webinar to stay up to date and learn how Web of Science tools such as Master Journal List, Journal Citation Reports, and InCites can help you build collections and identify the journals your institution needs most.