A Finnish energy and gas technology installation and service company, including hydrogen, biogas and hospital gas systems, is looking for European suppliers for distributorship and service agreements

The Finnish company, with a long tradition in sales, installation and maintenance of energy and water systems that are used for process industry, municipal, healthcare, heating applications and overall handling, is looking for suppliers for components, equipment and systems or system parts from all over Europe, working under distributor agreement. Service agreements may also be considered.

The Finnish company’s main focus is on sales, installation and services for highly technical systems in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Their offering includes process gas systems, waste and pure water treatment plants as well as plants for chemical and oil & gas industry. The company’s main activities include building a highly technical systems and maintenance of them. All their work is carried out in accordance with various Scandinavian and European standards.

Installation, maintenance, servicing, inspection, repair as well as plant modernization, rationalization and expansion round off the company’s range of services.

The Finnish company is looking for European long-term partners for distributor or service agreement to cooperate in Finnish, Swedish and Danish market. Nordic countries are wealthy, 28 million at population and have high technology industry in several areas. Cold climate motivates energy systems development towards efficient and sustainable way to operate.

The Finnish company is primarily looking for manufacturers companies of technical systems related in energy or gas technology, including hydrogen, biogas and hospital gas systems for distributor or service agreement.

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