Biotransformation of plant and microbial raw materials as a method for obtaining physiologically functional food ingredients and dietary supplements

Which priority area of ​​science and technology corresponds to: fundamental scientific research on the most important problems of developing scientific, technical, socio-economic, socio-political, human potential to ensure the competitiveness of Ukraine in the world and the sustainable development of society and the state;

Research: fundamental.

Future prospect: to be completed

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine.

Patent availability: 3 patents of Ukraine

What additional actions require further research: further research requires the approval of regulatory documentation and the conduct of pharmacological and toxicological studies of products, this requires additional funding.

Brief description, positive qualities, further prospects for application:

A methodology has been developed for directed enzymatic catalysis of secondary products of grain processing (wheat and rye bran). Biotransformation of the polymer matrix makes it possible to obtain biologically active components of the cell wall, bound by chemical bonds with polysaccharides, and to obtain concentrates and an activated dietary fiber complex using hydrolytic enzymes of microbiological origin. A methodology has been developed for creating supramolecular complexes based on hemicelluloses and enzyme components. It is based on the possibility of self-organization of biopolymer structures due to “weak” intermolecular interactions, which leads to the stabilization of the enzyme component. The new approach made it possible to develop new processing biotechnologies to obtain a number of physiologically functional ingredients (prebiotic and probiotic supplements, modified dietary fibers, combined biologically active substances). A theoretical basis has been created for obtaining physiologically functional ingredients and dietary supplements of a new generation – nanoceuticals. The reality of the developed approaches to the production of these physiologically functional ingredients has been proven by testing in industrial conditions at the biotechnological enterprise LLC NPO Ariadna.

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