Using the Web Of Science Platform: Webinars for Scientists

In June, a series of free webinars in Ukrainian will be held for scientists on the use of the Web of Science platform.

During the webinars, listeners will be able to learn about the platform’s capabilities, influence analysis, and the choice of publications for publishing their own research results. Registered participants who listen to at least 90% of the regular time will be able to receive electronic certificates.

Webinar program:

Registration via links:

  • 2022, June 9 – «How to choose a publication for publication and not miscalculate with the choice»



  • 2022, June 14 – «Clarivate Resources for Scientists»

Registration via links:



  • 2022, June 28 – «Research Smarter: Citation World»

10:15-11:15 – Registration via link

  • 2022, June 30 – «Research Smarter: New Journal Citation Reports»

10:15-11:15 – Registration via link 

Clarivate webinars will be conducted by Iryna Tikhonkova, consultant for regional solutions of the company.