Development of means to improve energy efficiency, power quality and electromagnetic compatibility in ship power systems with semiconductor power converters

Which priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: Energy and energy efficiency. Technologies of electric power and thermal power engineering

Research: applied

Perspective of further implementation: will be continued as applied;

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Availability of a patent: available

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

Formalized algorithms for managing and optimizing information flows in the SEES ACS network, methods for improving the quality of remote control of diesel generators as part of SEES by increasing the performance of the information processing network of a distributed SEES ACS by minimizing time delays in the transmission of information and control packets and reducing the number of collisions have been developed; models have been developed to study the remote control of a diesel generator set in the presence of random delays, the use of which made it possible to establish. that improving the quality of control of power units as part of the SEES is achieved by solving the problem of minimizing the time delay in the transmission of commands over the network and applying the optimal rule, which reduces the number of conflicts between processes by almost 2 times. The method for analyzing processes in the RP on the phase plane was further developed, which consists in extending vector diagrams to the width-frequency method of regulation using the characteristic figures of the ARC. This made it possible to obtain generalized expressions for the static characteristics of the RP and to increase the clarity of the analysis of processes in its power circuit, as well as to establish areas with optimal switching conditions and a currentless switching line.

Technologies have been developed to improve energy efficiency and EMC of networks, converters and loads by using the principles of soft switching of valves in the high-frequency link of the RP with pulse-width and time-pulse control.


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