Development of energy-efficient waste heat recovery systems for cogeneration modules of enterprises

What priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: Energy and energy efficiency

Grant: from the State Foundation for Fundamental Research

Future prospect: completed;

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Patent: no

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

For the first time, multi-flow, different-temperature utilization systems with the stepwise transformation of the heat of cogeneration modules into cold have been developed, which, thanks to the coordination of the joint operation of engines and thermal transformers in terms of the return heat carrier temperature, minimize heat losses with the return heat carrier and ensure that the thermal state of the engines is maintained at a safe level. The effectiveness of the developed systems for heat recovery of cogeneration modules is confirmed by the results of monitoring a pilot installation of an autonomous power supply.

For the first time, methods have been developed for the rational organization of the processes of transformation of waste heat into cold and rational parameters of the processes have been determined that ensure a reduction in losses during the transformation of heat into the cold by more than 50%, an increase in the thermal efficiency of cogeneration modules from 20% to 30% and the overall efficiency from 60% to 70%. , that is, to the specification values ​​specified by the cogeneration module developers.

For the first time, the proposed and implemented concept, principles and methods for utilizing waste heat from cogeneration modules together form the scientific principles that form the basis of the methodology for designing energy-efficient heat recovery systems for autonomous power supply installations of enterprises.

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