A UK (Scottish) biotechnology SME is looking for companies with proven technology and capability to efficiently recover soluble proteins, soluble and insoluble minerals and salts or efficiently recover carbon dioxide evolved from their by-product streams

The Scottish SME, which was established in 2017 has perfected the extraction of a natural biopolymer. From this, it has produced biodegradable thin packaging films which have attracted interest from global brands and others who now wish to use this to replace single-use plastics in a wide range of situations. The company is building its own commercial scale extraction facility to produce its biopolymer during the first half of 2022.

The biotechnology company also wishes to capture, for further valorisation, the other components from its raw material sources which would otherwise be classified as by-products resulting from its process. These components include:
1. a proteinaceous broth
2. soluble and insoluble salts
3. carbon dioxide

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