Science for Peace and Security: NATO Program Competition Opened

The 2023 NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Scholars Competition has been announced to strengthen civilian science and technology to address new security challenges and their impact on international security.

Preference is given to research in the field of artificial intelligence, quantum and biotechnologies, technological convergence, climate change, environmental and energy security.

These and other projects will be considered for funding under the SPS program in the form of four established grant mechanisms, namely:

While there are no hard budget limits for multi-year projects (24-36 months), typical three-year projects range from €150,000 to €350,000.

  • multi-year research and development projects (MYP);
  • events in the following formats: Leading Research Workshops (ARW);
  • advanced training courses (ATC);
  • Advanced Research Institutes (ASI).

Details, instructions and document templates at the link.

Applications are accepted until February 17, 2023.