Electrodynamic machining technology to improve the accuracy and durability of welded structures

Purpose. Improving the durability and accuracy of thin-sheet welded structures based on the adjustment of residual welding stresses, improving the mechanical characteristics of welded joints.

Application area. The technology can be used in the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and instrument making.

Advantages. Provides elimination of residual welding deformations of thin-sheet welded structures with less energy consumption, increases the resistance of welded structures to delayed fracture with less labor intensity, provides a decrease in the level of residual welding tensile stresses at a lower cost than general heat treatment of alloys based on aluminum and magnesium.

Description. The technology of electrodynamic machining (EDT) is based on the electroplastic deformation of the welded metal of the joint during its shock loading with the concomitant transmission of a high-density pulsed current through the treatment zone.

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