High performance coherent millimeter wave radar

Purpose. Monitoring of ground movement of aircraft and vehicles on the territories of airports. Modifications of the radar system can be used to control the movement of ships in the straits, in sea and river ports, as well as to monitor activities in areas of terrain with a special regime.


  • Carrier frequency – 36 GHz;
  • Pulse power – 20 W;
  • Azimuth resolution – 0.25°;
  • Range resolution -15m;
  • Maximum target detection range with an effective display surface of 1m2 or more:
    • in the absence of precipitation – at least 5 km;
    • with precipitation – at least 3 km.

Application area. To monitor and control ground movement at airports.

Advantages. New qualities achieved:

  • automatic selection of moving objects against a stationary background that are in the control zone
  • improvement of environmental performance due to a significant reduction in the radiation power of the microwave field into the surrounding space
  • the ability to use the device both in the network of sensors of the A-SMGCS system, and autonomously as an airfield surveillance radar at small airfields.

Description. Coherent signal processing provides reliable automatic detection of moving objects by the Doppler frequency shift of the reflected signals and their classification by speed using color marking on the radar image.

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