Passive mmWave imaging system

Purpose. The passive (radiothermal) imaging system in the millimeter wave range (MMX) is designed to care for people in the interests of security and customs services when various objects hidden on the human body under clothing are detected. It can also be used in medicine during studies of the condition of the skin in the presence of burn injuries without removing medical dressings.


  • Frequency Range: 86-100GHz
  • Number of beams: 64
  • Focal length / (pixel size):
    • 6m/(60mm),
    • 3m/(30mm),
    • 1.5m/(15mm),
    • 0.8m/(8mm)
  • Sensitivity*: 1-2K (* – can be improved).
  • Radiation polarization: linear horizontal.
  • Imaging speed: 4/s.
  • Power consumption: 100W

Application area. Medicine, security and customs services.

Advantages. Unlike analogues, the formation of rays in a flat antenna of diffraction radiation is carried out due to the frequency distribution of the operating frequency range into small ranges using only one MMX amplifier, which significantly reduces the cost of the system. High manufacturability and relatively low cost.

Description. Scanning of the multibeam radiation pattern of the antenna in space is performed due to its mechanical rotation around the horizontal axis.

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