Multistage magnetoelectric systems (MMS)

Purpose. For orientation of moving elements of surveillance systems, search for targets, guidance in military and space technology.


  • Three-stage systems:
    • outer diameter, mm ≤70
    • stabilized rotor speed, rpm ≤10000
    • angular range of inclination of the rotor relative to the transverse axes, deg. ≤±30
  • Two stage systems:
    • outer diameter, mm ≤150
    • angular range of rotation of the rotor, deg. ≤±60
    • torque coefficient, Nm/A ≤1.

Application area. In mechanical engineering (tracking systems).

Advantages. The multi-stage system replaces the combination of two or three conventional electric motors. With the same dimensions and power consumption, the electromagnetic torque of the BMS is 3-5 times greater than that of a traditional combination of two or three electric motors, the speed is 7-20 times. The advantages are achieved by full use of the volume of the electromagnetic core accommodation device, a significant reduction in the moments of inertia of the intermediate moving elements and an increase in the electromagnetic moment.

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