Device for accelerated start of diesel engine at low temperature

Purpose. Devices based on high-performance ferroelectric semiconductor (PTCR) heating elements are used to accelerate the start of diesel engines in the cold season.


  • The heaters reduce the minimum initial start temperature:
    • using the vehicle’s power source, °С Per 10
    • using external power sources, °С At 15-20.

Application area. Engineering.

Advantages. Unlike electric heaters, the PTCR heater takes the minimum required power from the energy source (battery); does not require the use of electronic control circuits; provides automatic maintenance of the set temperature, regardless of the temperature of the medium and the supply voltage. Reliable as it contains no moving parts. The required temperature is set by the chemical composition of ceramics and the modes of its manufacture. The shape of the heater can be arbitrary, which allows heating in hard-to-reach places. Heat transfer from the heater can be provided by conduction or convection. Due to their high chemical resistance, PTCR heaters operate in a variety of media, including motor oil and diesel fuel.

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