Conference “Year of War in Ukraine: Determining the impact on the science sector and initiatives to support it”

At the initiative of the International Scientific Council (ISC) and the European Federation of Academies of Sciences (ALLEA), on March 20-22, 2023, an international conference “The Year of War in Ukraine: determining the impact on the science sector and initiatives in support of it” will be held.

The event will take place online. It seeks to mobilize the scientific community to take stock of the protection and support efforts that have been provided over the past year and to assess further ways to increase support and post-war recovery and recovery.


The event is organized for the second time. As a result of the first conference, held in June 2022, a report was prepared with key recommendations to support scientists, researchers, students, higher education institutions and science affected by the conflict. At a time when the war, unfortunately, continues with a growing escalation, this conference and related events are designed to highlight the need for continued support of the scientific and academic community in Ukraine.


The first day of the conference will include several plenary and panel sessions. On the second and third days, a series of more in-depth meetings organized by partner organizations is planned.

We are glad to announce that, at the invitation of our European colleagues, NFGU will also take an active part in the conference.

March 20 (9:15 – 10:00 CET) – we invite you to listen to a report on the state of grant funding for research in Ukraine and the challenges during the war.

March 21 (14:00 – 17:00 SET) – the session “Professional development in research management and European integration” will be held, co-organized by NFGU and Science Europe. The session will bring together the perspectives of Ukrainian and European stakeholders and institutions to explore ways to support the Ukrainian research system and develop modern practices and processes for the effective management of national and European funding for scientific projects.

The maximum involvement of Ukrainian researchers is extremely important!

To participate in the conference, register at the link: