Multispectral structural-field method for forecasting oil and gas deposits

Purpose. Search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.

Specifications. The method provides a forecast for the presence of hydrocarbon deposits (HV) located at a depth of 1500-6000 m. The probability of forecasts is about 80%. The results of the research are maps of the location of anomalies caused by hydrocarbon deposits (HV), on a scale of 1:50000-1:10000

Application area. Oil and gas industries.

Advantages. The method has no analogues, provides prompt results, low cost, high reliability of forecasts.

Description. Search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits using aerospace methods in various geological and landscape conditions in order to solve the following tasks: ranking oil and gas prospecting objects prepared using various geological and geophysical methods according to the performance criterion; clarification of the external contour of oil and gas potential; operational assessment of the oil and gas content of exploration areas at the stage preceding their introduction into exploration drilling.


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