Complex of equipment for the production and combustion of composite boiler fuel

Purpose. Production of thermal energy by recycling industrial wastes of various origins, in particular, sludge from sewage treatment plants, phenolic wastewater, oil washings, etc.


  • Weight of equipment, t 1.5
  • Overall dimensions, m 2.2×3×2.4
  • Productivity, kg/h 250.

Area of use. Enterprises. Energy. Ecology.

Advantages. The high efficiency of the technology is achieved through the use of hydrocavitation activation methods in the preparation of fuels, as well as the use of special devices for sawing and burning the produced fuels. This allows the complete disposal of hazardous substances from industrial waste, as well as cost reduction against traditional types of hydrocarbons in the production of heat and electricity. Payback – up to 3 years.

Description. High-quality fuel emulsions and suspensions with improved energy and environmental characteristics are formed on the basis of substandard hydrocarbons with the addition of industrial waste as a fuel component. The use of such fuels makes it possible to obtain thermal energy and fire disposal of environmentally hazardous waste.

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