Device for remote determination of 3d displacements and surface deformations

Purpose. The device is used to determine 3D displacements and local deformations of the surface of objects during their operation or testing.

Specifications. The device provides measurement of local deformations of the surface of an object in a section up to 400 × 400 mm in the range from 0.01-5% with an error of 0.005% and displacements in the range of 0.1-10 mm with an error of 50 μm at a distance to the control object 1-20 m.

Application area. Metal science.

Advantages. Unlike the Vic-3D and Q-450 counterparts, which use two digital cameras and a complex calibration procedure, the device has a single digital camera and provides higher accuracy in determining surface deformations.

Description. The device consists of a digital camera and a laptop with developed software. According to a special algorithm for processing a sequence of images, sections of the object surface determine the coordinates of the maximum of the correlation signal corresponding to local displacements of image fragments, and establish the distributions of displacements and deformations of the specified section.

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