Information technology for building object and on-board systems of information-efficient secure wireless monitoring networks

Purpose. Construction of portable network object and on-board systems for long-term remote monitoring of the states of objects, events and phenomena.

Areas of use. Monitoring of industrial facilities, monitoring of the quality of technological processes, environmental monitoring, telemedicine, sports medicine, security systems for remote facilities, buildings, etc.

Advantages. There are no analogues in Ukraine. Provides an increase in the speed and security of information transmission of existing networks, an alternative to building specialized modules for sensor networks, networks of the Internet of things. Does not require the use of broadband and high-speed radio paths. Provides the construction of wireless sensors and video modules without the involvement of specialized codecs.

Description. Implementation of algorithms for compression and protection of monitoring data by microcontrollers without involving specialized codecs and video codecs. Implementation of express analysis of signals and frames of video data, operational determination of the state of monitoring objects. Creation of crypto- and noise-resistant radio networks in the ISM frequency range with a hundreds of times higher information transfer rate using radio modules with frequency modulation.

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