Intelligent software system Inpartool_G

Purpose. For the study and solution of problems of computational mathematics.

Specifications. Statement and study of problems based on approximate data; automatic execution of all research processes of mathematical models of problems; automatic determination of the optimal number of processes and topology of interprocessor communications; automatic execution of all parallelization processes; obtaining a computer solution of the problem with an assessment of the reliability and protocol of the study of the problem; an intelligent interface that allows the user to work on a computer with a complex parallel architecture as on a computer with a standard uniprocessor architecture.

Application area. Computational Mathematics.

Advantages. There are no analogues in the world. Implements automatic study of the mathematical properties of computer models of problems and adaptive tuning to the solution by the appropriate hybrid algorithm with guaranteed accuracy of the solution; up to 100 times reduces the time for solving problems that can be reduced to problems of computational mathematics.

Description. Mathematical modeling of processes that reduce to solving problems of linear algebra, nonlinear systems, systems of ordinary differential equations on multi-core computers with graphics processors.

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