Optimal design system for power boilers Crocus

Purpose. For the rapid development of effective technical solutions for the modernization and reconstruction of steam boilers of thermal power plants, as well as in the design of new boiler units.

Specifications. The runtime is the Windows operating system.

Application area. Energy.

Advantages. Unlike foreign analogues, a comprehensive approach is provided to the formulation and solution of the optimization problem of designing power boilers, taking into account the main technical and economic limitations. The use of a software system helps to reduce the design time by 2-3 times and reduce the cost of structures by 20-30%.

Description. The system is based on normative calculation methods in the field of energy and mathematical models for the optimal design of complex technical objects. As a result of solving the optimization problem, the values of the design characteristics of the main components of the boiler unit (furnace, convective, radiation and screen superheaters, air heaters, etc.) are determined.

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