Plasma-electrolyte wear-resistant metal-ceramic coatings.

Purpose. Improvement of tribological characteristics, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of structural alloys.


  • Thickness of gas-thermal aluminum coating, mm <2
  • Oxide layer thickness, µm < 400
  • Phase composition Al2 O3+CuAl2 O4+Cu
  • Hardness, GPa 20
  • The coefficient of friction in a pair of coating – steel (bronze) 0.006.

Application area. Metal science.

Advantages. Corundum-based oxide layers with inclusions of micro- and nanoparticles of copper increase the mechanical, tribological characteristics and wear resistance under cyclic and impact loads, reduce the coefficient of friction and wear of counterbodies by ~30 times, in contrast to the oxide layer without copper inclusions.

Description. A technology has been developed for applying gas-thermal aluminum coatings to steel, aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys, followed by the synthesis of oxide coatings based on corundum with inclusions of copper micro- and nanoparticles on the surface.

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