The launch of a new project from Erasmus + “The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mediation)/ArtNoConflict” is being prepared

Ukraine is participating in a new Erasmus+ project related to the direction of virtual exchanges in the field of higher education and youth – “The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mediation) / ArtNoConflict”.

The goal of the project is to provide young people with access to a new level of international, intercultural and inclusive education through the introduction of virtual exchanges in the field of the art of negotiation and mediation in the EU countries, Georgia and Ukraine, in order to strengthen democracy, cultural diversity and promote objective problem solving through the acquisition of the best European ones. practitioner

Project partners:

  • Netherlands Business Academy, the Netherlands – project coordinator;
  • Nicholas Romeris University, Lithuania;
  • V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine;
  • KROK University, Ukraine;
  • Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University, Georgia;
  • Ukrainian Association of Youth Councils; Ukraine;
  • “Youth for a world without entrepreneurship”, Georgia.

The implementation of the project “The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mediation)” has significant potential for the virtual exchange program, since it involves the participation of students of higher education institutions, teachers and youth workers in a multicultural environment, which is aimed at developing communication and work skills in such an environment, development of negotiation and mediation skills to prevent conflicts and resolve conflict situations.

Project teams have already started working, so recruitment into groups will be announced soon, wait for announcements.