Information technology for assessing the thermophysiological state of a person in an aquatic environment at moderate temperatures

Purpose. To develop mobile information technology for assessing the thermophysiological state of a person during physical activity in an aquatic environment at moderate temperatures.

Technical feature. Client application: Android 8.0, Internet connection, availability of Google services. Server: Processor: 32-bit dual-core processor from 1.3 GHz; RAM capacity: from 2 GB; corresponding OS MS Windows 7,8,10; Network interfaces: Ethernet. Universal ports for connecting to third-party devices.

Application area. Healthcare, sports, e-learning systems, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, defense and national security of Ukraine. State Emergency Service of Ukraine, healthcare institutions of Ukraine at various levels, scientific and higher educational institutions, physical education and sports institutions, swimming sports organizations, individual users.

Advantages. The development and implementation of mobile information technologies in the healthcare sector will make it possible to obtain information in advance about possible risks of health deterioration, analyze the impact of extreme factors on a person’s condition and take appropriate preventive measures.

Technical and economic effect. Social effect is a modern personalized mobile technology for monitoring a healthy lifestyle, warning a person in advance about environmental conditions unfavorable for sports, assessing the associated risks and providing appropriate recommendations. Information technology makes it possible to calculate the safe time for a person to stay at moderate water temperatures depending on the intensity of physical activity. Preserving the health of the population allows us to reduce treatment costs.

Description. The technology allows the user to identify in advance possible risks of hypothermia and receive recommendations on how to maintain his health while in the water.

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