Information technology for controlling coordinated cyclic movements of the limbs

Purpose. To restore coordination of movements – coordination of the activity of muscles that are involved in performing cyclic movements of the limbs to perform a specific motor task.

Specifications. The technology is implemented by four-channel software myoelectric stimulators TrenKorSintez-4, MioAktivSintez-4, which have a flexible architecture for synthesizing programs for attracting muscles to perform complex movements. The main difference between “MyoActiveSintez-4” and “TrenCorSintez-4” is that the duration of activity of each muscle involved in the movement determines the duration of the complex movement as a whole, and is subject to adjustment in action. In the TrenCorSintez-4 myoelectric stimulator, on the contrary, the duration of the program cycle is set in advance, within which, depending on the number of phases of the cycle, the duration of “activity-pauses” is determined for each muscle involved in performing a complex movement, and cannot be adjusted in action.

Application area. Medicine, education. Clinical, sanitary resort institutions, rehabilitation centers, medical educational institutions.

Advantages. In comparison with the world’s well-known technical analogues that use software electrical stimulation according to artificially synthesized programs, the developed software myostimulators “TrenCorSintez” and “MyoActivSintez” have a flexible structure of an artificially synthesized motor program, which can provide complex relationships between the moments of involvement in work. performing complex coordinated movements of the limbs.

Technical and economic effect. The social effect of using technology is to correct posture, strengthen the “muscle corset,” prevent the development of complications and reduce fatigue. The increase in the effectiveness of correcting scoliotic posture disorders during testing of this technology was 21%.

Description. Information technology for controlling coordinated cyclic movements of the limbs is intended for the formation/restoration of complexly coordinated movements using two new four-channel software myoelectric stimulators “TrenCorSintez” and “MyoActivSintez” based on artificially synthesized programs. The use of technology allows you to work out individual phases of movement performance depending on the functional task, make personal adjustments to the involvement of muscles to perform a motor task with a limb, which helps to increase the patient’s motivation to actively participate in the rehabilitation process and involve additional reserves of the patient’s body in restoring coordination.

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