Technology for computer support of the rehabilitation procedure for dependent patients with provision of remote online monitoring of their condition

Purpose. To increase the efficiency and convenience of assessing the dynamics of the development of the process of rehabilitation of the condition of a person who has undergone the stage of treatment for addiction (smoking, alcohol, gambling addiction, etc.) in a medical institution and continues recovery at home. To solve this problem, the medical rehabilitation technique is accompanied by hardware and software support. The technology ensures that indicator results can be obtained remotely, which is important nowadays, given the need to comply with necessary measures during health-threatening epidemics such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifications. A web service with a remote database controlled by the PostreSQL13 DBMS and an application program interface for interaction with a mobile application using the https protocol in JSON format, hosted on a hosting with an Apache 2.4 web server. and developed in PHP language. The mobile application is designed for use on mobile devices running the Android operating system (version 5.1, Lollipop), with a screen resolution of at least 800×480 pixels. 3. The automated workstation of the operator of the information and analytical system, developed to implement the technology, uses a window application of the information and analytical system, made using WinForms technology based on Net Frameworks 4.5, while the data storage is implemented under the Windows 10 operating system based on MS SQL Server 2019 and Analysis Services component.

Application area. Medicine, therapy of special conditions, stage of rehabilitation of dependent patients and patients with mental disorders after illnesses accompanied by a decrease in cognitive and mental abilities.

Technical and economic effect. The technical and economic effect of introducing the technology is that the costs of studying the patient’s condition are reduced, the savings consist in saving money for his movement to the clinic for checks, and the checks themselves become more regular and longer. The costs of identifying the most effective rehabilitation methods are reduced due to the fact that analytical work is carried out using computer and instrumental support.

Description. The patient and the clinic enter into an agreement on further monitoring of the patient after he leaves the clinic remotely online. Payment for the clinic’s services and all conditions for the provision of medical services are noted. The patient downloads a special mobile application (MA) to his mobile device to provide feedback from the patient and the remotely located computer-analytical system (CAS) of the clinic operator. The mobile device receives a signal from the CAS, which activates the mobile application (MA). The patient presses the appropriate button on the mobile phone screen; The test is loaded and the task completion time is counted down. After completing the task, data on the test result and its time are automatically sent to CAS, where they are processed according to the approved processing algorithm. Joint processing of the test results and other indicators of the patient’s condition at the rehabilitation stage in the CAS provides visualization of the conclusions depending on the task at hand.

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