Endoscopy and spectroscopy device for detection and transmission of weak EM radiation

Purpose. To transmit information using spectral multiplexing of channels; probing of foreign inclusions in medical endoscopes and spectroscopes

Application area. Medicine, national security and defense, optoelectronics, radio electronics, radio engineering, telecommunications.

Advantages. Functionality at critical bending angles; the possibility of detecting optically small sources of EM waves in dielectrics; digital processing of detected signals in the form of raster images and their analysis, followed by an ergonomic interface.

Description. The development is aimed at creating new methods for transmitting information based on ε-negative metamaterials – structures made of parallel conductors (PCS), to solve an important scientific and applied problem – expanding the functionality of radio engineering devices for endoscopy and spectroscopy based on PSC and improving raster image transmitters. Such devices are quite flexible, since they can operate in frequency ranges from microwave to infrared, and are also quite sensitive; they can find their application in wired information transmission devices and in medicine.

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