Casting heat-resistant nickel alloy

Purpose. For production of cast parts.

Application area. Transgases of Ukraine operating land-based gas turbine units and enterprises developing new generation units, such as ZMKB Progress and JSC Motor Sich

Advantages. Comparing the results with world analogues, the proposed alloy SMI3UM2 (ZhS-32E) has better mechanical properties than the ZhS26 alloy, and these indicators are at an equivalent level compared to the ZhS-32 alloy, but at a significantly lower cost (40-45%). Alloy SMI3UM2 (ZhS-32E) has better structural stability for a long-term resource. The manufacturability of the alloy is not inferior to the world’s best analogue alloys, for example, CM-186 DS (USA) and ZhS-28 (Russia) when producing blades by directional (mono) crystallization.

Technical and economic effect. Replacing the ZhS-26 and ZhS-32 alloys, widely used for TVT rotor blades for ground-based installations of the D-336 type of various modifications, with the developed SMI-3UM2 (ZhS-32E) alloy will improve the operational reliability of the blades. When modernizing stationary energy and gas pumping units by Transgases of Ukraine, the introduction of the alloy into industry will make it possible to obtain a significant economic effect (more than 1 million UAH per year).

Description. The developed casting heat-resistant alloy SMI-3UM2 (ZhS-32E), sparingly alloyed with rhenium and other scarce elements, is intended for producing cast parts by directional (mono) crystallization for stationary power and gas pumping units operating under high-temperature exposure to aggressive alloys ZhS-26 and ZhS -32.

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