Development of methods for identifying objects and analyzing their condition based on sounding results

Purpose. To identify the condition, species composition, structure and parameters.

Application area. At enterprises related to: the development of instruments and systems for hydrocarbon exploration and new technologies in crop production; with the development of measuring devices for the electronics industry.

Advantages. The developed methods and algorithms provide classification of objects using many highly correlated features with significant variations for each class with probabilities no worse than 80%. A competitive technology has been created for processing pulse echo signals and realized images in the form of an automated system with the subsequent receipt of three security documents. The developed methods and algorithms for structure identification are the basis for the creation of highly informative automated systems for measuring the characteristics and parameters of electronic devices and systems.

Technical and economic effect. Technology that uses the identification of layered objects during geological exploration will significantly reduce the time required to search for hydrocarbons. Plant classification will save up to 70% of herbicides. Identification of micro- and nanoelectronic devices will ensure the competitiveness of radio engineering systems.

Description. The object of the research is the acquisition and use of information when probing natural and biological environments and micro- and nanoelectronic devices and systems with signals of various natures (optical radiation, gravitational, ultrasonic, high-frequency and microwave vibrations) to identify their state, species composition, structure and parameters.

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