Technology of accounting and financial support and optimization of taxation of farms

Purpose. Optimization of the system of correspondent accounts of farms to improve their taxation, accounting for property losses due to hostilities and updating possible charitable or investment income

Specifications. Changing the correspondence of accounts in the software system in the field of farm accounting, which provides for the formation and maintenance with accompanying display of specific accounting transactions and the formation of a tax system, in particular the reflection of charitable proceeds for restoration as a result of losses as a result of hostilities, preferential lending data with reference to relevant orders and regulations, accounting systems for losses for the reduction in the value and usefulness of farm assets as a result of a complex of negative factors influenced by military operations

Application area. Activities in the field of accounting and auditing; consulting on tax issues. Potential consumers of products – Ukrainian farms

Advantages. A modernized system of accounting reflection of financial and production activities has been formed, focused on accounting in the system of financial, accounting and credit-tax activities of farms, taking into account the negative consequences of hostilities and the peculiarities of accounting for the corresponding losses on the reduction in the value of farm assets.

Technical and economic effect. The costs of the enterprise under study for generating accounting data using previously applied technology averaged 50,000 UAH per year. The direct economic efficiency of introducing the new technology amounted to 6,500 UAH. The main advantages of the proposed technology for processing accounting and analytical data are manifested both in reducing the costs of performing accounting and analytical work, and in reducing labor intensity and reducing the time to complete a unit of this work, that is, in indirect economic efficiency. The introduction of technology will improve the information support for managing farm business processes to stabilize economic indicators and grow their activities. The technical, economic and social effect is to reduce the enterprise’s costs by 6,500 UAH/year, and therefore the proposed technology is appropriate for implementation.

Description. The technology is based on the implementation of changes in the correspondence system of accounting accounts of farms and the formation of their taxes, taking into account financial and economic forecast risks caused by military operations in Ukraine, which will ensure optimization of the reliability and efficiency of accounting of farms and will allow regulating and determining financial losses from taking into account the consequences of Russian aggression for the agricultural territories of Ukraine. The technology provides for the improvement of the correspondence of accounts on the debit of account 92 “Administrative expenses” and the credit of subaccount 641 “Tax calculations” in the direction of reducing the amount of income of the corresponding type of activity (main, other operating, financial, investment) in the system of formation of a single tax of group 3, taking into account the impossibility apply the procedure for determining the amount of expected compensation for an asset and losses from a decrease in its usefulness, which is given in NP(S)BU No. 28 in the event of destruction of property (complete or partial) and due to other negative factors, including war or hostilities.

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