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technological services

We bring to your attention databases of the latest technologies and developments, patented inventions, technical proposals, investors and more. Separate access to UkrISTEI’s service resources, as well as to some other similar resources of Ukraine. Free access to information on key features of component databases.

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information resources

Documents and document arrays in information systems (libraries, archives, funds, data banks, databases, other information systems) are presented, prepared and organized in a convenient and usable form.

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Reporting materials on the main results of the organization’s activities within the Platform, as well as some other related systems, organizations and institutions are presented.

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asfimir system databases

You can find the latest technologies and developments, a list of proven domestic investors, technical offers and more in the Automated System of Formation of Integrated Interstate Information Resources (ASFIMIR).

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Electronic Technology Transfer bulletin

Science and innovation news, useful information on the history of creation of the most successful Ukrainian startup projects of today, world achievements, a list of topical publications on the topic of innovation and technology transfer.

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Science. Technology. Innovation (journal)

Issues of science development, creation of new technologies, development of national innovation system and expertise in the field of scientific and technical activities. The journal is included in the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine in Technical and Economic Sciences.

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interregional technology transfer network

The main purpose of the network is to develop institutions and networks in the field of knowledge transfer, technology and innovation. The network will operate on the basis of UrkISTEI for support, methodological support and coordination of technology transfer networks.

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Ukrainian institute of scientific and technical expertise and information

The state scientific institution provides scientific, technical and innovative development through expert, informational and consulting support. The platform is based on the Institute