ZNAEU has set up an engineering school where young people can work on IT projects and startups

A new platform for innovators – Noosphere Engineering School – was presented at Zhytomyr National Agro-Ecological University. There, students, along with experienced practitioners, will work on IT projects, data processing and technology development.

The newly created laboratory has three rooms, each of which has a different purpose. Namely:


  • conference room – for holding workshops, seminars, lectures, meetings, discussions, broadcasts;
  • an exchange room;
  • laboratory for practical classes.

In order for young people to implement ideas and developments, the school has powerful computers, some of which are equipped with dual-monitor systems, soldering stations, and a 3D printer.

It is important that not only the students of ZNAEU but also those who have a desire to implement the latest ideas will be able to work in the center of research. For example, students from other universities in the city, students.

Source: МESU

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