To Mars in six days: Ukraine has created a unique space engine

On December 10, 2019 in Kyiv, the presentation of a unique engine for space flights, using vacuum, solar and nuclear energy, was held. It was called VRD. It will allow to accelerate spacecraft almost to a fantastic speed – 100 thousand kilometers per hour! With such an engine, people can fly to Mars in just six days, and the dimensions of the interplanetary ship will be about the same as the minibus. In Dnipro, in the SPACE HUB space incubator, in a vacuum chamber, several prototypes of a unique vacuum jet engine have been successfully tested.

— To admit, when almost five years ago, its author – engineer and inventor Artem Adatov from the Dnipro – came to us with the idea of this innovative engine, we did not believe that his plan was productive, – said the founder of SPACE HUB, a well-known businessman Maxim Tkachenko. – But still, we gave Adatov a chance to implement his project. Experiments have shown that a vacuum jet engine is not a fiction. It will allow a revolution in the field of space flights. After all, ships with these engines do not need to take stocks of chemical fuel.

— A ship equipped with VRD will fly to Mars using vacuum and solar energy, says Vladimir Astanenko, curator of the VRDspace project. – To fly to more distant planets will have to use a nuclear installation.

— We finance the creation of VRD at our own expense, – continues Maxim Tkachenko. – We take money from the profits of our startups. We proceed to the second stage of work on the VRDspace project – the creation of a spaceship equipped with our unique engine. This ship will be designed to operate in Earth orbit. We plan to spend $ 3.7 million on it..

— The idea of vacuum engines was discussed among engineers back in the 1980s, – said Vladimir Astanenko. “However, it was treated as exotic.” Now we have seen in practice that it is very promising. Let me compare our project with the space project of Elon Musk. His team of scientists and engineers created a rocket with an engine that is not fundamentally different from existing ones. The advantage of the Musk rocket is that it is cheaper. No more. Our future spacecraft with vacuum jet engines will be a fundamentally new step in the development of astronautics.