The planned area of ​​application and the specific place of application: It will be implemented as a scientific and technical development as a reinforcement of load-bearing structures of industrial buildings and structures.

Innovation level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Availability of a patent: 1 Patent of Ukraine.

The presence of an interested Customer: None.

Implementation: took place at the LLC “BUDNAUKPROEKT” enterprise to strengthen the ribs of reinforced concrete floor slabs with a span of six meters of the production hall, a new adjustable external reinforcement system was introduced.

What additional actions does the introduction require: improving the technology of the device of the proposed reinforcement system for bending reinforced concrete elements, developing an algorithm and a program for calculating the bearing capacity of such building structures.

Brief description, technical and economic parameters of advantages and positive qualities.

The reinforcement structure includes external flexible steel reinforcement in the form of two branches and guide elements made in the form of rollers to reduce friction when tensioning the reinforcement. The ends of the reinforcing branches are fixed in the upper compressed zone of the bending beam element. The middle section of the branch interacts with the lower edge of the beam through the roller. When single-span beams are loaded, it bends and the upper zone of the beam is compressed. As a result, the reinforcing branches of the reinforcement are stressed, stretched, and through the fastening at the ends they tend to reduce the compression stress of the beam in the upper zone. In this case, the reinforcement of the lower zone of the beam causes compression of the stretched zone to the same extent as when using conventional tightening. The introduction of the proposed reinforcement system for reinforced concrete bending elements allows the upper compressed edge of the beam to be relieved by the action of external reinforcement on the beam and to increase the structural strength up to four and a half times compared to a conventional beam with a significant decrease in deformability and deflections. The proposed reinforcement system is effective when reinforcing existing beam elements, including girders, girders, roof beams of buildings, span structures of bridges.