Solar Thermal Water Heater Generator


The solar thermal water heater generator is an inflatable pneumatic transparent plastic sphere that has a timing mechanism to track the direction of the sun. Half of the inner surface has metalized mirror reflective coatings. A copper coil-heat exchanger is installed inside the sphere (in the focus of the collected rays). The inlet and outlet pipelines are connected to a heat storage tank with a ball valve with a float, through a faucet with a shower net, a valve and a throttle valve.


Differs in increased geometric accuracy of the surface (sphericity) of the reflector, quality and focusing accuracy of its reflecting surface with increased efficiency of using incident radiation, ease of construction, the ability to roll up and transport, expanding the capabilities of the solar power plant receiver with a highly concentrated system and reducing the heating of the receiver due to cooling, ensuring the solar thermal generator-water heater self-regulating contactless regulation of heat flow.


The task of the model is to increase the efficiency of use, mobility, reliability, manufacturability of the solar hot water supply installation. The model refers to devices for efficient water heating by converting solar energy into thermal energy and storing heated water for a long time for its further use in household needs.


The solar thermal water heater makes it possible to efficiently use solar energy due to its geometrically precise sphericity. The ability to transport, roll up and deploy, ease of installation of the structure in private houses, with a water supply, or rainwater collection systems, makes it possible to significantly save money on heating and hot water supply of buildings, as well as have solar thermal energy – a water heater in places with a shortage of energy resources. Thanks to the use of flexible pipes, it can be installed in temporary military camps, field camps, tourist camps with a rainwater collection system.


Provides consistent results.


Tested in trial operation.


Sale of technical documentation. Sale of patents. Joint industrialization.


1 patent of Ukraine.

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