Early vibration diagnostics of rotating assemblies of mechanical systems


  • simultaneous measurement of vibration vibrations in three coordinates (axial, horizontal and vertical)
  • information support based on NSPP methods and their generalizations make it possible to detect defects in rotating mechanisms at the early stages of inception.


  • number of input channels – 3 (up to 16);
  • sampling rate – 400 kHz (max);
  • input signal bandwidth – 25 kHz
  • weight of the indicator device 1.8 kg
  • maximum throughput on the USB bus – no more than 500 Kwords / s.;
  • input signal range ± 10 V; ± 2.5V; ± 0.625V; ± 0.156V;
  • common-mode voltage ± 10 V;
  • conversion time – 2.5 μs;
  • input resistance for single-channel input – not less than 1 MΩ;
  • battery 12 V, AC 220 V.


The mobile system is developed based on the methodology of analysis of stochastic oscillations using modern elements of microelectronics and appropriate software.


The system is designed to detect and prevent emergencies at turbine generators, oil pumping stations, drilling rigs, for vibration diagnostics of electric motors, gas units, portal cranes, power generating plants, etc.


For turbine generators, oil pumping stations, drilling rigs, gas pumping units, power generating units.


Ready for implementation.


Introduced into production.


Sales of finished products.


2 patents of Ukraine.

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