Webinar “Expanding Business Abroad – How to Successfully Commercialize Intellectual Property?” (22.07.2021)

We invite everyone interested to take part in the webinar “Expanding Business Abroad – How to Successfully Commercialize Intellectual Property?“, which is organized by the European agency “IP Helpdesk“, which provides support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the protection of intellectual rights.

Webinar program:

1) Introduction to the commercialization of intellectual property (IP):
• Definitions
• Why IP commercialization is good for business.

2) IP Commercialization Checklist:
• Audit of assets / rights
• Registration of intellectual property objects
• Reviewing / drafting IP related agreements
• Measures of confidentiality and secrecy
• Defining a strategy for the development / commercialization of IP.

3) Implementation of the IP commercialization strategy:
• Various ways of IP commercialization (licensing, franchising, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.)
• Strategy Development
• Basic advice, taking into account the specifics of the region.

4) Case studies related to IP commercialization (China, India, Latin America, Mediterranean countries):
• Positive / negative examples of some SMEs.

5) Recommendations.

The webinar will take place on July 22, 2021 at 11:00.
Participation is free.
The language of the webinar is English.

You can get more information about the webinar and register on the webinar web page: https://intellectual-property-helpdesk.ec.europa.eu/news-events/events/webinar-expanding-your-business-abroad-how-successfully-commercialise-your-ip-co_en