Vibration diagnostic system “Pulse”


A structural diagram of a new portable vibration-based diagnostic system “PULSE” with controlled frequency characteristics and electrical circuits of its individual elements have been developed. The PULSE mobile system selects and processes vibration signals from rotating mechanisms, detects and warns emergency situations at turbo generators of oil pumping stations, drilling rigs, for diagnostics of rotating bodies, electric motors, gas pumping units, portal cranes, power generating plants (including high-voltage transformers), etc.


  • providing continuous 16-bit data collection via USB-2 interface;
  • four-channel architecture with analog-to-digital converter, switch, incoming buffer amplifiers and filters;
  • the ability to programmatically set the sensitivity for each of the channels;
  • the conversion frequency of the analog-to-digital converter is set by software from 1 MHz to 10 MHz;
  • multi-mode synchronization of the start of data collection;
  • vibration sensors – piezoceramic accelerometers of the ABC117 type based on piezoelectric ceramics TsTS 83g (lead zirconate titanate) with a natural resonance frequency of at least 100 kHz;
  • supply voltage 220 V;
  • consumption current no more than 250 mA.


The device provides multidimensional and vector measurements of vibration accelerations, which makes it possible to quickly monitor the vibration diagnostic system in the process of conducting vibration diagnostic studies and improve their accuracy.


To determine the defects of industrial equipment using methods of non-stationary statistical processing of vibration and acoustic vibrations.


It is recommended to use it for vytrodiagnostics of the internal combustion engine. Mechanical engineering. Instrumentation. Aircraft manufacturing. Shipbuilding. Communal services.


Ready for implementation.


Introduced into production.


Sales of finished products.


2 patents of Ukraine.

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