Technology and equipment for the protection of bulk metal structures and heating surfaces of boilers at TPPs


Selection, registration, processing of acoustic emission signals of signals about the operating parameters of the object under study (load force, temperature, mechanical characteristics of the material at the time of the study), as well as determining the location of acoustic emission sources.


    • spraying productivity (maximum), kg / h: aluminum – 10.0; zinc – 30.0; flux cored wire – 12.0;
    • working air pressure, MPa – 0.5-0.6;
    • air consumption, m3 / Min – 1.5;
    • spray head weight, kg – 1.5;
    • power consumption, kW – 16.0.


The use of the developed technology and a specialized metallizer allows:

    • to obtain coatings with low porosity of 3-5%, increased corrosion and abrasion resistance;
    • to reduce the roughness of aluminum and zinc coatings from Rz = 50-60 microns to Rz = 40-45 microns, which makes it possible to reduce paint consumption by 20-30% for subsequent paintwork;
    • to obtain wear-resistant coatings from flux-cored wires, which makes it possible to increase the service life of heating elements of the TPP boiler by 2-3 times.


The complex is designed for the application of restorative and protective coatings on parts of metal structures.


Protection against atmospheric corrosion of large-sized structures, bridges, tanks, etc., as well as protection against gas-abrasive wear of heating elements of boilers of thermal power plants. The technology will also find application for protection against corrosive and abrasive wear of containers in the production of sugar in the oil and gas, energy, transport and other areas of the national economy of Ukraine.


The use of technology to protect the heating surfaces of TPP boilers has increased their resource by 2-2.5 times.


Ready for implementation.


Introduced into production.


Realization of finished products.


5 patents of Ukraine.

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