Information communicator for medicine

Area: medicine.

Purpose. It is advisable to use the information communicator to solve the following tasks:

  1. In medicine – to support the first contact with the patient in the provision of medical care as a result of injury or illness. This is especially important for a family doctor who is faced with a wide range of diseases and does not always have enough experience to provide first aid to a patient and promptly establish a diagnosis.
  2. When providing emergency medical care to patients who have temporarily or permanently lost the ability to speak.

Field. Classical, family and emergency medicine as well as first contact medicine.

Description. The relationship and communication between doctor and patient is one of the important problems of medicine. In the course of the disease and at its individual stages, the ability to communicate correctly contributes to the solution of problems and difficulties associated with establishing a diagnosis and predicting the development of the disease, leads the patient on the way to a speedy recovery. The information communicator developed by Ukrainian scientists is intended to contribute to the solution of these tasks. The specialized software of the communicator consists of two subsystems: the first subsystem is designed to support the first contact with the patient, and the second – to maintain communication with the patient with language restrictions. The software contains databases and knowledge with information about various diseases, injuries, etc., their detailed descriptions, as well as information about the provision of emergency care. The cost of the software with a tablet is $ 300, software separately – $ 100. A method, an algorithm of operation and a software model of a digital integrated radio direction finder have been developed. Optimization and experimental studies of the direction finder are required. The results of the development will be introduced at two instrument-making enterprises, as well as in the educational process at the Department of Radio Engineering, Electronic Equipment and Telecommunications. Development does not require significant investment of time and resources for implementation.


  • convenient search engine;
  • list of diseases and injuries, reference information;
  • pain localization windows;
  • detailed trauma information and visual demonstration of actions.

Readiness. Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Realization of finished products. Sale of patents.

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