Environmentally friendly fluxes for tinning and soldering with fusible solders that do not require cleaning


We offer fluxes, the concentration of active components in which, in contrast to the fluxes used by industry (for example, FKSP, where the content of rosin can reach 60%) does not exceed 8%, and the acid number decreases 4-5 times compared to known fluxes.


    • density at 20 ° C, g / cm3: 0.835-0.850;
    • temperature range of activity: 190-300 ° С;
    • spreading coefficient of POS-61 solder, not less:
      • for copper – 1.5–1.6;
      • for silver – 1.3-1.4;
      • for nickel – 1.15-1.3;
    • acid number: 49–80.


Welding technology.


The developed fluxes have a number of advantages over their analogues: high fluxing ability, low corrosive activity, no need for washing, and significantly reduced environmental load. Fluxes are used according to standard technology without the cost of washing and cleaning the surface, with significantly improved quality and reliability of soldering elements and an increased service life of the equipment.


The fluxes that are offered are used for soldering and have low chemical activity, do not cause corrosion and at the same time provide high soldering ability, do not require cleaning. When assembling high-density printed circuit boards, when the distance between the conductive tracks and their width is less than 10 microns, the fluxes should have low chemical activity. This requirement is met by the developed fluxes.

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