The Turkish company is looking for partners in the field of renewable energy sources to further develop the patented Smart Facade system

A Turkish company specializing in the design of integrated HVAC facades has a patented product called Smart Facade. The Smart Facade is an innovative curtain wall integrated with a central heating, cooling and ventilation system.

Features of the Smart Facade system:
1. “Smart façade” is a highly integrated façade, which means that all heating, cooling and ventilation functions of a building are fully integrated with the façade. The design requires no more space than conventional facade cladding systems. It avoids Sick Building Syndrome, which is often seen in buildings with high ventilation requirements, by meeting ventilation requirements through the cleanest and shortest air ducts. The “smart facade” makes it easier to use photovoltaic panels and heat pumps compared to known solutions;
2. Despite the fact that the “Smart Facade” is a patented system, it is open for development and integration with other technologies of production, transmission and storage of energy – thermoelectric, heat pipes, etc. It is suitable for various types of buildings and structures, for example, for greenhouses.

The company is looking for partners under a research agreement or technical cooperation agreement to further improve the Smart Facade system, which would enable the creation of zero energy buildings (NZEB) through the use of renewable energy sources.

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