Development of models and methods of synthesis and methods of practical application of information and communication technologies for decision support in solving practical problems of military and civil purposes

Which priority area of ​​science and technology corresponds to: information and communication technologies;

Research: targeted fundamental;

Perspective for further implementation: to be continued as a scientific and technical development;

Research level: no analogues in the world;

Availability of a patent: no;

What additional actions require further research: it is necessary to develop software for the implementation of the proposed information and communication technologies; obtain the results of an experimental verification of the effectiveness of the proposed information and communication technologies in solving practical problems; perform quality analysis of the developed software; obtain project documentation and relevant user documentation; receive recommendations on the use of development results in industry and the educational process; receive software modules that implement methods for solving practical problems of military-civilian purposes.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

The development of advanced information and communication technologies to support military-civilian strategic decision-making is aimed at strengthening national security and defense, since the preservation of the lives of both military personnel and technical means involved in military operations depends on timely, correct forecasting and making strategic decisions. . operations. The application of the results of the project makes it possible to obtain an effective tool for the synthesis of effective strategic decisions of a military-civil purpose in the implementation of long-term goals and objectives of an industrial, scientific, technical, economic, organizational, social and military nature. Given the importance of the project for the IT sector of the economy, the defense capability of the state and its security, the costs provided for the implementation of the project are comparable to the expected results.

At the same time, the introduction of scientific results in the relevant sectors of the economy, given their global competitiveness, can also bring economic benefits to the state.

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