To develop new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative, inflammatory and burn etiologies of corneal diseases and post-traumatic endophthalmitis based on the study of the features of their etiology and pathogenesis

Which priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: Life sciences, new technologies for the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases

Research: applied.

Perspective of further implementation: will be continued as applied;

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Availability of a patent: 2 patents of Ukraine.

What additional actions require further research: The results of the R&D will be applied practically in clinical work and training cycles.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

A method for treating erosions and ulcers of the cornea, which consists in replacing damaged corneal tissue with a corneal graft, characterized in that a synthetic cell-free equivalent of the corneal stroma based on collagen is used as a corneal graft.

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