French company is urgently looking for a subcontractor, veterinary approved and eqquiped with large vacuum oven capacities, to dry meat protein hydrolysate paste and also make powder from it

A French industrial agrofood SME seeks a subcontatractor in the sector of ingredients, able to dry meat protein hydrolysate paste (60% dry matter) in vacuum oven until being solid and then to grind it into powder (<400µm). The partner should have a veterinary approval to process products of animal origin and should be in capacity to dry several tons a year of such a paste supplied by the French SME. Subcontracting agreement is sought with a long-term partner which should be located in Europe.

The French company is specialised in the industrial production of ingredients for agrofood sector. In order to increase their capacity production of natural food ingredients, the company is looking for a subcontracting partner specialised in drying food paste with vacuum oven technology and also grinding solid food into powder.

The company will provide the subcontracting partner with the meat derivative paste (60% dry matter) to be dried in vacuum oven until solid state and then, to be ground into powder (<400µm). The obtained powder should be packed in bags and will be sent back to France.

As the final product is intended for human food, the partner should have the required veterinary approval to process the paste and the powder.

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