The Lithuanian breakfast cereal producer is looking for maize semolina suppliers

The Lithuanian company was established in 1995 and is one of the most modern breakfast cereal factories in the Baltic States today.

The producer is able to make products from different types of cereals and produce various shapes of breakfast cereals. The company is producing corn flakes as well.

Over the years the company has carefully chosen suppliers who produce high-quality ingredients and are trusted but also reviewed annually to maintain quality.

The company is seeking to diversify current suppliers of some raw materials, therefore is looking for business partners (producers or suppliers), that could offer maize semolina for breakfast cereal manufacturing. The needed maize semolina is characterized by its high starch content (up to 78 %) and its low-fat matter (less than 1 %). Purchasing quantities would be about 1000 tons per year and orders would be made monthly. The company is looking for partners in the EU countries, but other possibilities might be negotiated as well. Cooperation under the supplying agreement is offered.

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