A German startup is looking for pilot testers for their automated office furniture for a personalized desk sharing experience under services agreement

In the last couple of years, desk sharing gained populularity in companies and organisations. However, until now, there were no appropriate and suitable solutions on the market, combining the idea of desk sharing offices with a smart customized solution for the improvement of the employees health, productivity and satisfaction.

The German startup provides a smart office system which consists of an office chair, a desk and a smartphone application, enabling instant personalization of workspaces. The smart furniture is equipped with actuators and sensors to adjust to the users’ preset parameters on the smartphone interface within seconds. When entering the office, the user can use its smartphone to log in at an unoccupied office desk. The furniture (desk and chair) immediately adjusts to the well-known personalized settings and gives the user a feeling of familiarity. The solution allows for flexible and efficient utilisation of office space and offers the benefit of highly comfortable and healthy working conditions.

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