Development of a methodology for improving the efficiency and safety of the Ukrainian river transport system

What priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: Energy and energy efficiency. Technologies for efficient energy supply of buildings and structures

Research: applied

Future prospect: completed;

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Availability of a patent: available

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

An improved technology for designing river transport vehicles of various types at the stage of their research design is proposed by improving and supplementing the apparatus for mathematical modeling of the river transport system of Ukraine;

The obtained applied scientific results on the creation of new scientific knowledge should include the experimental studies of the seaworthiness of the river catamaran hull model in the NUK experimental basin and recommendations for optimizing the hull shape in order to improve the sailing performance of the catamaran. On the basis of the received hull, it is planned to launch a series of passenger ships for construction at Artel PJSC. Unlike existing catamaran projects in the world, these hull shapes fill an unexplored niche for the use of catamarans for low speeds (up to 8 knots). To date, the vast majority of the world’s recommendations for the design of catamaran lines refer to high-speed catamarans, and the shape of the lines of low-speed catamarans has not been studied.

In the experimental basin of the NUK, a study was made of the propulsion of a model of a fundamentally new barge-towing train for the transportation of goods of the river-sea type. This project is planned to be implemented to organize the transportation of goods from the rivers of Ukraine to the Mediterranean region and back. To ensure the safety of currently existing transshipment operations from river vessels to sea vessels in open sea ports located near the port of Ochakov, a methodology has been developed to determine safe weather conditions for such operations.

By order of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the GDR “Development of methods for automated calculation of the cost and timing of the creation of promising ships and vessels of certain classes for the needs of the Ukrainian Navy with limited amounts of information” was completed. As a result of its implementation, using the parametric method of constructing relationships, methodological recommendations have been developed for determining the cost and timing of the construction of ships and vessels of the Navy.


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