Development of aerosol gradient technologies for life support systems of ships and ships

What priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: Energy and energy efficiency. Technologies of power engineering

Research: applied

Future prospect: completed;

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine;

Availability of a patent: available

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

As a result of the project, new scientific knowledge was obtained on the gradient intensification of transfer processes in the boundary layers of multifunctional surfaces due to thermal, acoustic and photophoretic effects and surface tension forces during the purification of aerosol media for innovative energy-saving technologies. .

The scientific novelty of the results obtained is as follows:

– for the first time by methods of physical and mathematical modeling of the synthesis of hydrodynamic, thermal and acoustic processes in two- and multi-phase media of the working fluid due to gradient separation aerosol technologies, it was justified to increase the intensity of its purification to improve technical and economic indicators in engines and power plants.

For the first time, based on the results of the study, a scientific position was formulated: an increase in the efficiency of cleaning processes in the separation elements of power plants and their fractional and integral indicators is achieved by using multi-level gradient separation aerosol technologies through the sequential or joint use of individual separation technologies and their implementation in innovative resources.

The direction of development of innovative resource-saving and environmentally friendly equipment of power plants based on the generalization of multilevel gradient aerosol separation technologies has been further developed, which differs from the known ones in that it uses separate multilevel separation technologies.

Further development, development and research of circuit and design methods and technologies for increasing the efficiency of the integrated conservation of energy and material resources of gas turbine engines, internal combustion engines and air conditioning systems with the improvement of their environmental performance has been obtained.

The methods of 3-D design and study of systems and assemblies of engines and power plants have been improved, namely: pneumatic systems and crankcase gases of internal combustion engines, single-multisection non-isothermal separators of KGPTU, acoustic-phoretic separators of gas turbine engines, compressed gases of gas turbine venting systems

The development of a constructive scheme and recommendations for the construction of disperse media purification devices for power plants using multilevel technologies, taking into account: inertial separation technologies; technologies of gradient turbophoretic separation; technology of gradient non-isothermal separation; technology of gradient acoustic phoretic separation

The theoretical foundations of the technology of gradient intensification of transfer processes are used: in the new sections of the academic disciplines “Thermophysical processes in environmental engineering”, “Energy saving in ship and stationary energy” in the preparation of specialists and masters in the specialties “Power engineering” and “Heat. in the specialty” Ecology. Security environment and sustainable nature management” new courses of lectures have been developed:

Methodology and organization of scientific research.

Methodology and theory of ecological safety.

Environmental safety of shipbuilding.

Systems theory in ecology and modern methods of ecological research.

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