A new concept for solar energy – photochemical conversion of CO2

R&D registration number in UkrISTEI: 0119U002029.

What priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: fundamental scientific research on the most important problems of developing scientific, technical, socio-economic, socio-political, human potential to ensure Ukraine’s competitiveness in the world and sustainable development of society and the state.

Research: fundamental.

Funding source: free.

Perspective for further implementation: to be continued as applied.

Research level: no analogues in the world.

Patent: no.

What additional actions require further research: Implementation requires funding.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

The study is devoted to the development of specialized catalysts for the photochemical conversion of greenhouse gases, in particular, carbon dioxide into synthetic fuel using solar energy.

Models of solar reactors for converting CO2 into carbohydrate fuel with a functionalized nanoporous matrix of artificial Ni/CeO2 sheets were created.

The developed systems undergo practical testing at IREC, Catalonia.

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