Development of a standardized maritime radio communication interface based on its integration with navigation systems

R&D registration number in UkrISTEI: 0119U103293.

What priority area of ​​science and technology corresponds to: information and communication technologies.

Research: applied

Funding source: funds from the special fund of the state budget

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine.

Availability of a patent: 2 applications for obtaining patents of Ukraine have been submitted.

What additional actions require further research: state support for implementation at coastal enterprises (marine search and rescue centers, ship traffic control services, etc.).

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

Functional diagrams and protocols for a standardized interface for marine VHF/PH/HF radio communication and navigation systems based on their integration have been developed; electrical circuits of a digital selective call controller with support for control commands according to the VHF TsVV / NMEA 0183 standard based on the STM32 Discovery microcontroller were developed; developed program codes, images of the corresponding navigational symbols of the graphical interface on the information display of the navigation bridge of the sea vessel; software codes for information exchange support drivers have been developed according to the standards of the International Electronic Commission IEC61162-1/2/450.

The practical value of the results is to increase the efficiency and reliability of terrestrial maritime radio communications, reduce the load on the watch officer of the ship’s bridge, and reduce the risks of navigational accidents in maritime transport.

The latest idea of ​​integrating marine terrestrial radio communication and navigation systems for joint processing of data from the CVP and AIS systems has been put forward and practically implemented, thanks to which new technical and operational properties of maritime radio communication have been obtained. The implementation of this approach made it possible to obtain new qualities of maritime radio communications that cannot be achieved with any improvements, remaining within the framework of only one communication system. A technical project of a new graphical user interface – a navigator, based on the integration of the TsVV and AIS systems, has been developed, it is deprived of manual manipulations with the controls of the instrument panels of various transceivers from various manufacturers and operating with “raw” data of the instrumental level and allow the watch officer to switch from the level of operating with abstract to a higher level of interaction in making decisions on the operational establishment of targeted radio communications. The information exchange of messages between the units of the integrated system in the NMEA-0183 standard has been implemented, which makes it possible to switch from manual control of radio communication devices (transceivers) from various front panels to digital radio communication control and display the information received from radio communications using a dedicated display. integrated system.

Technical and operational indicators since the establishment of radio communications are at the level of the best world analogues.

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